See, since I got my loofahs, I’ve been feeling like I’m bathing like those ladies in Telemundo bathe lol it feels so good and soft and wfvkslcgfsvcklkhwjkgdclf;lk.,vjhsjcs\hjvwd.

Loofah Sponge

Hello beautiful people,

I know I have not been as active in posting – yes, once again I’m here with my not being active stories and yada yada yada but believe me when I say a lot has happened and has been happening – procrastination of this post is one of them. But now I am posting so I can enter the new week without it.

This post is to gush about my amazing sponge, suggest you use it too and of course, #SayNoToProcrastination!

Okay so, I’ve never really been a fan of sponges but when I decided to jump into the sponge pool small small, I fell in love with the glove sponges first. I remember in high school, when I was in the hostel, I had glove sponges with my friends and whenever it was shower time, we’d all wear our sponges, wrap our towels and get ready for a spongey performance. I think we called ourselves “glove girls”.

Anyway, glove sponges are good too specially if you plan on going camping in the bushes and you don’t want to accidentally drop your sponge in the sad looking bathroom. Because you’re well aware that once/if you drop your normal rope like or ball looking sponge, there’s no going back – this was exactly how I felt when I went camping last year and the year before that, good thing I took glove sponges – I was ready mehn.

But…if you want to feel like you’re in a spa at home then I suggest you throw those gloves and his buddies to the side and get yourself some loofahs.


See, since I got my loofahs, I’ve been feeling like I’m bathing like those ladies in Telemundo bathe lol it feels so good and soft and wfvkslcgfsvcklkhwjkgdclf;lk.,vjhsjcs\hjvwd.

This sponge is called a Luffa or Loofah (I always called them my oval sponges). It’s a natural fibrous plant seed pod that grows an annual vine. It is used in bathrooms and kitchens because it’s great for scrubbing and washing, like duh.

I got mine from my mum whose friend went to Kwara (a state in Nigeria).  It’s funny how the sponges have been tantalizing me now when my mum has been using them for years – if I ever do a post on her beauty lifestyle, you’d be awed.

The thing is, when she uses these natural things and says “join me” or “take, use. It’s healthier”, we’re always more like, “Yeeeaaaahhh, mummy thank you. *in our minds* we gon’ passsss”.

Meanwhile, much later we’d now come and act like we just found something amazing that’s never been seen with the eyes lol

I guess we always remember the time she made us drink bitter leaf water when we were much younger because it was healthy. I think I ran away and never drank it but I remember very well that my siblings did. Their taste buds were scarred for days.

*Bitter leaves are healthy and medicinal by the way.


Loofah’s are great. Loofah’s are great sponges.


They exfoliate your skin (you know, take out the dead skin and all), enhance blood circulation (I see this one for internet ooo), they improve the look of your skin (this one, I can attest to) and they are very affordable.

Every time I use them, especially in the evening (so I can sleep like baby), I always feel and see the difference.



The moment you get and start using a loofah, you may love it (as I love mine), but don’t get too attached to it – you won’t want to now come and catch craw craw.

By their nature, it is said that loofah sponges have lots of nooks and crannies, and are very porous. It is also said that “when people use a loofah to scrub off dead skin cells, those cells become lodged in the nooks and crannies. And that sets the stage for a bacterial breeding ground” – Dermatologist, Melissa Piliang, MD.

Loofahs can contain fungal organisms that lead to skin infections, Dr. Piliang says. “That’s why it’s important to make sure you keep your loofahs clean, replace them fairly regularly and use them gently — not too vigorously.” 

Your body is not the under of pot – do not over scrub. This one I am the one saying it. 



If you want to care for your skin and stay away from bacteria, you have to care for your loofah (make e no come be like say good thing don come cause cata cata), I suggest you do these things:

1. DRY aka AIR DRY: Loofahs can retain moist a lost and that’s an avenue for bacteria to build up. Don’t hang your loofah in your bathroom which is humid by nature. Take your loofah to an environment that’s airy or out in the sun so it can dry and dry well like it was just bought.

2. CLEAN: To clean your loofah, you can use a body friendly antiseptic.g. Savlon, Dettol e.t.c. or bleach as some people do, along with hot water. This will destroy any bacteria it may already be carrying. Do this whenever you’re about to use your loofah or if you haven’t used it in a while and you intend on using it – you can even do this right after you use it.

3. REPLACE: Replace your loofah as often as often can be. Depending on usage. You should change your loofah every 3-5 weeks if you take good and extra of it. They are not as expensive as they look.


Actually, back to being very affordable, if you walk into a store that has added ghen ghen like handle, shape, fragrance and polythene packaging to the loofah then…na you get your pocket.

Else, you can always source them more locally. They are in your village -__-

The fun to thing is to look good and feel good with care #ThankGodForMothers #ThankGodForTheInternet

Would you buy or use a loofah? It can also be a lovely gift to get someone…say yes!


Phrase Log

  • Mehn = (Let’s be real, I can’t quite explain this in English but if you know, you know)
  • I see this one for internet ooo = I saw this on the internet 
  • Craw craw = Skin Irritation
  • Ghen ghen = (This one is like mehn, I can’t quite explain)
  • Make e no come be like say good thing don come cause cata cata = Let it not be that a good became a problem
  • Na you get your pocket = You are on your own or you own your money.



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