I’m about to take you down a somewhat confusing recap illustrating how I got here now.

It took me a hectic (last week) Friday of learning how to use Adobe premier pro CS5, editing a short profile story and almost getting lost in Ajah later on that same evening, to a beautiful Saturday of burning my scalp because “texturizing”, to putting on makeup and going out to a wedding that lasted about the whole day, to a blur Sunday of waking up to itchy red eyes and a slightly itchy rashy face, to a lazy Monday of exfoliating to get these rashes away ASAP and sitting on the couch watching both TV and series and eating pancakes and baked beans, to a Tuesday of almost drowning in my clothes that I spent close to 7 hours folding and arranging (no, my wardrobe is not a boutique as one of my dear friends exclaimed), to a Wednesday of going to the market place and getting drained then returning home and freshening up and falling asleep sleeeeeep to today – the Thursday I’m posting this.

It took me all these event filled days to finally post this article. I won’t take you back in detail but mannn, a lot has happened. Okay, I’ll just take you a little back to last week.

I concluded my exams on Tuesday last week. Ay okay, freedom! Yeah, right. I had what I refer to as “post exams” – the kind of exams you do after the regular classroom exams. I had video journalism to wrap up on Thursday to be submitted Friday morning. I didn’t know how to use premier pro so I felt like I was running mad. TBT (truth be told not throwback Thursday but hey, both actually work in this case), I just never paid full attention in class when the facilitator was teaching the practical. I know, you’d be tempted to say that was my fault but really, let’s look at this thing again. What was I doing? Reading other blogs, checking Instagram, chatting or playing online games – you see, it’s more them than me. They captured me. Believe me.

But I thank God for His children, Madonna and Chidera, my course mates who showed me the way to go by opening my eyes on how to use the software in a matter of hours. Long story short, I was able to finish and export a befitting assignment.

NOTE: Children, learn from this. Listen in class. That one time you don’t listen, the topic for the day will come back at you like a boomerang with shaolin soccer effects.


So, that’s that about that and all that.


Now, this title has little to do with the whole post but as I was on my way to the marketplace yesterday, something struck me and it wasn’t lightning. I won’t talk about the economy and personal struggles. The main focus is the sun and its addition to all that’s already going on.

Lagosians are angry. They are very angry.

The sun is upon them like hats they did not buy. Its beams are so strong it poses war upon them.

I looked around and I asked, “Why is everyone so angry?” I noticed the lines on their foreheads knowing they are falling in unpleasant places. I could see that they seemed to carry the kind of stress that was transformed to anger. It’s hard to see them smile under the sun while in motion.

In their furrowed brows, gritted teeth, straight faces and banzai charge, I found my answer. So I realized the rays of the sun are too much to bear.

By Lagosians, I refer to everyone living or staying in Lagos at the moment and happens to walk around the streets of Lagos once once.

Okay, you have reached the end. I may share my buys at the market place with you sometime.

See you later! x

Sharon Ntan 19before97



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