Happiness is that feeling you cannot describe but express.

Happiness is world poetry day! Happy world poetry day.

Where do I begin with poetry? I don’t. If I do, you may end up with a project paper. Poetry is the only form of literature that I truly adore.

I love such expressive words and connectivity.

In honour of today, I will share with you my all time favourite poets:

1. Francis Scott Key and Zelda Fitzgerald (You can refer to a post on my fave words from them in “In A State of Meraki“)

2. Rupi Kaur (You can refer to the post “In A State of Eunoia“)

3. Edward Estlin “E. E.” Cummings

4. Lang Leav

5. John Keats

6. William Wordsworth

7. Tolu Akinyemi

Believe me, they are all so amazing. I have not done any posts on them all but I will soon (including my own poetry), so  you can share in this beauty of words.

Now, yesterday was international day of happiness. I was totally up for posting but happily, all my posting went to Instagram. Now, I’m putting some here…

I love LastLemon and the fact that they can show almost everything that happiness is in illustrations. There’s almost nothing left out. Go across their platforms and you’d see what I’m talking about.

Happiness is reading all their works and knowing what I’m talking about.



Sharon Ntan 19before97



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