At 9 yesterday morning, I had to sit through a certain business class which was very boring, I must add. I’m not quite sure who to lay the blame on yet. The facilitator was a cute smallish woman who was so calm with a sprinkle of stern, the weather was dark and violent with a sprinkle of coziness through rain showers and I was sleepy with a sprinkle of lazy but you gotta learn. So truly, I don’t know who to blame. What do you think?

Perhaps, I should title this, “How to sit through a boring, compulsory class”.

  I sat on the second row with Aiseosa and Madonna. “Don’t sleep, don’t sleep”, I was just saying to myself. “Sleep”, a voice came before me. It was Bimpe. Imagine that. She was telling me to just put my head on the desk and sleep. Just. Imagine. That.

I was like, you know what, never mind. I just picked up my pen, how do I sit through this boring class? Oh, did I mention the class was for two hours? (100 minutes actually but two hours sets a better mood) so yes, two hours and that’s how it’ll be for the next 14 weeks.

I just picked up my pen as I was saying and I began scribbling a bunch of words. That’s how I arrived at how to sit through a boring, COMPULSORY class. I tried some and considered some others today, it’s nothing new but you need a reminder so you know you’re not the only one with boring classes pursuing you.


  • WALK OUT: This is the simplest thing to do. But you can’t. I mean, you can because it’s not like you’re under duress or something but when you have something counting against you E.g attendance. You rather not. Plus, it totally defeats the whole essence of sitting through the class – you’d b sitting out. It’s still an option though.


  • texting-1490691__340USE YOUR PHONE: Now this would solely depend on the kind of facilitator for the course or your level of sleekness. If you get caught, I don’t know what may happen in your school. If you get asked a question, you’re on your own. These facilitators (every single one, yes) are more annoyed when a student is distracted because of a phone.


  • boy-1986107__340USE YOUR LAPTOP: Not tab, they see tabs as phones. Laptops are generally more accepted than phones and I don’t know why. It’s like they don’t know that there’s something like tweetdeck, candy crush and whatschrome.


  • TALK WITH YOUR FRIEND: There are many ways to do this. You can chat on a book (offline chatting) or you can pass papers or you can just do midnight call voice. This one also requires some sleekness because if you’re caught na you ohhh.


  • IMAGINE: Don’t day dream. Imagine and make mental projections. Look round the class, find something amusing, look outside the window. You’ll always see something.


  • WRITE: You can just write anything and everything. Sometimes, I feel like that’s when some ideas and inspirations begin to flow. Don’t form over writing oh because some facilitators can come and poke nose or just pass some comments or even tell you to share what you’re seriously writing because it can seem way more than all the facilitator has said.


  • EAT: Always gear yourself. Pack your bag and load it well with mede-medes. See Bimpe now, right before me, she opened a bag of popcorn and finished it. Keep yourself awake by keeping your teeth busy.


adorable-1851196__340 SLEEP: You know what? Just give it all up. If all else fails, if you can’t win that battle, just sleep. Board the next flight to “I can’t be bothered ma/sir, take your teachings and go” and enjoy yourself.

I didn’t tell you to follow this word for word. You are legit on your own lol.


Happy sitting through boring lectures to come!

Sharon Ntan 19before97




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