This is a repost of my old post (but secretly, it never gets old.)


Welcome to the world of social media:

Recognition and validation from total strangers is what it helps us find. Feeling satisfation, temporary sense of belonging but we do not mind. It’s vain and completely insane but yet we crave this selfish gain.

It’s all about us. Ourselves more than anyone else. Yet we have somehow convinced ourselves successfully that it’s more about them.

Who are we decieving? Who are we conscious of misleading? It doesn’t really matter now, it’s all about being heard more than anything else. These days we don’t write, this generation isn’t the type.

To get a word across you only need a screen and a keyboard to type.

No more love notes and short poems, it’s now false quotes and anecdotes. Delivering subs and publicizing privacy. People are happier celebrated by strangers who are only as selfish as as they are in rendering these praises.

And do so not for anyone but for their own interests too, as they recognize and acknowledge that you can be of the socially acceptable class that they believe to be elite and exalted.

Social media has become a reflection of who we are, a mirror of words, tweets, retweets, captions and pictures. Though some might argue that they merely project a persona that isn’t really theirs, conclusions can still be drawn and deductions made from these claims.

If the person you project isn’t the person you are, then the person you are, probably isn’t the person you want to be.

Social media has become a free therapist, friend to all and a great confidant to the majority. People are happier telling their problems to strangers who know and care less about them.

This enemy to Social interaction has been given the highest position of trust and friendship by the ones it has enslaved. We share our moments with the world by posts in forms of videos, pictures and phrases but these moments might just really be spent alone. People become depressed or suicidal but deceive themselves that they may not be because…social media is “great”.

These things make us more and more comfortable being apart, we feel like we don’t miss the need to be with people physically so we just stay separated for as long s there’s a connection…an internet connection.

People are more concerned now about internet data bundles than they are about evening strolls and the likes. The ones we call friends are the ones we constantly feel the need to impress, we don’t even know their real names but we feel obliged to always give them our best.

The world of “anti-social” social media is damaging communication and strengthening vague connections. Built on selfish interests and shallow requests. Retweets are not endorsements yet they look beyond the disagreement and on to the recognition that follows and so it’s of little importance if a little character is lost along the way just as long as all these strangers know my name.

It’s not that I want you to stop using social media or your smartphones. I just want you to find that balance too and make sure you’re alive enough to recognize that someone beside you is human and present in body, not through your phones.

Watch the video below:

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Any thoughts?

See you soon x

Sharon Ntan 19before97



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