I’m sorry.


I mean, we literally walked straight into a new month and I didn’t even say a thing. I may tell you all about it soon or I may just move on and we all move on and everyone’s happy.

But until then, welcome to May.

FRiends that area no (1)

I consider May a beautiful month that alludes peace and this time I’m constantly reminded of flowers and their beauty.



It’s past 3 a.m right now (at the time of writing this) but I told myself I must do this;
The only thing I hate about writing around this time is this;
I may bare certain things that may have wanted to stay clothe;
But that’s the drama behind all this;
I see myself; I see things; I come to know things; 
The intensest, the most poignant emotions gather here;
That, whether it is shine or gloom; it is felt.

FRiends that area no

So I thought of a person with the name of a flower; 
The very music of the name is fading;
But I feel its essences;
In my little head, for many quiet minutes;
With mind maps that deepen freshly into cities;
Many and many cities I hope to explore.

There are lovely things I have heard and experienced;
Everything is soul and flowering;
It starts small until it becomes a cheering light;
The kind that keeps growing fresh before me everyday.

God knows; I don’t know what keeps me laughing;
But I love it and I love His flowers.

I’m dedicating this month to flowers;
A field of them for us, and a garden;
Full of sweet scents, and colours, and pleasant aura.

So for every minute, on every day;
A flowery thought to bind you to happiness;
Spite of bosses, of the human nature;
Of facilitators, of the gloomy days;
Of all the unhealthy and over annoying things;
Made for us to get pissed off; yes, in spite of all;
Some reminder of beauty; from our day’s trouble;
Each Daisy, each Peony, each Gardenia, each Rose.

Remembering the scent; the look as if it were in the form of a person you love/d;
For even though there are certain flowers you can’t reach; knowing they exist is more than enough.





Sharon Ntan 19before97



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