This is one short extract I really liked over Sunday.

What’s up?

God wants you to be honest and upright.





What time does the clock above show? Yes, six o’clock. Now, it may seem strange to ask but, “Are you six o’clock?”

What does that even mean?

The long hand of the clock points straight up and the short hand points straight down – they make a straight line. So, they are upright and downright.

Now, are you six o’clock? Are you straight up and down? Basically, are you straight and honest in all you do?

That’s a very tough question to answer. Especially with the “all” in position.

It is difficult living with and moving forward with people if you cannot be straight with them in life. You may find it hard but it costs nothing. Sometimes, you may think you’re being careful and you don’t want to hurt them. Other times, you may feel the damage is done so you might as well not – just stop.

In truth, by nature, none of us is six o’clock. We all do wrong in certain things (see Romans 3:23). We are all crooked and bent by nature. Some of us are 1:00, some are 4:45 – we are not straight. But the good news is that Jesus can make you six o’clock. It’s a short process, if you’re willing. He’ll help you step by step, to become six o’clock but you have to make him your best friend, read your bible and pray every day.

The moment you do, be assured that you are definitely six o’clock at all times.

That’s the attitude you should enter August with.

Welcome to August!


I am genuinely happy we’ve arrived a new month.

The past month for me was not quite as expected. I went through about four stages of my definition of “stages of loss”. First, I asked myself where? Searching was the second part, and the third was me asking myself how and why? And fourth I had to accept and reminisce on the good times we had. This went for my phone – but it was not the only thing.

Last month left me amazed, certain things did not feel real but I kept it moving 100/100.

Now, for our blog.

I know I almost always begin with how I’ve been away or how a lot has happened and blah blah blah. Yes, I’m probably like 5:30 instead of 6:00 but hey, you just have to see some truth in those words beyond my laziness and procrastination. So, the real question is am I back or just stopping by?

While we’re on that, dance with me as I tell you that I’m done for the school session and I can have time to blog. But first, I will make us a new schedule (one we will actually stick to for the time being, that is, until I resume again) that I will introduce probably on Thursday or Friday.

So, “summer” as my friend, Ibifubara, viciously says does not exist in Nigeria, has begun for me. Technically, it began on the 21st of July but I used the time to chill out at home. For summer, I’d be in between interning and chilling with people but the good thing about my internship this year is that, it is work from home for the most part, what bliss!

In other news, I’d be at the Lemon curd this Saturday. So if you’d be there too, be sure to say hi or I’ll tear your lashes out – I can actually try.


I wish you a blessed and fun-filled August, live it up!

Sharon Ntan 19before97




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