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Hi, I’m Sharon.

If you just read that and are reading this, it can only mean one thing… You’re on my blog.


I once struggled with writing “the perfect” piece for readers on my blog and other blogs/websites I was featured. I thought what I had to write wasn’t beautiful enough for me or anyone else.

It dawned on me though, that it was the things that seemed most irrelevant, embarrassing and trashy that were the most blissful. That’s what people are drawn.

After all, what is lifestyle?

So on here are pages filled with my life happenings, adventures and discoveries.

19Before97 is a personal and lifestyle blog for people who love reading, sunshine, rainbows, flowers, laughter and pretty things.

Introducing this not so new blog, it will occasionally cover some oddities.

It’s difficult living in a world as crazy as this one without an excuse to free myself with things I enjoy like writing, playing or eating Fufu and Ogbono soup.

I hope you enjoy this new direction I’m going and are willing to contribute. Your support allows 19Before97 to grow over time.

Change is good, and always exciting. You know it’s the only thing constant.

This experience is for you and I.


PS – Feel free to go all detective on me and click these links for more information: 

  1. 19Before97? I mean, what is that?
  2. Who I am, why I’m here.
  3. An open letter

Meanwhile, somewhere in the world, this is me every time you open my blog, follow, comment or like my posts.

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Thank you for being here.

Stay Blessed!

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