It’s okay to travel without packing a bag



There are always exceptions,’ replied Flea. ‘They are what make you exceptional.
― Mo Willems

They say it’s weak to cry but that’s more than a big lie.

There is a certain way this life is set up. You have the big picture of what you want to make of it but one day, one event, that’s all it takes and your back is against the wall and everything just may seem like it’s all over. But it’s not.

You’re allowed to think that way and feel lost.

You see the reality before you but it’s way beyond what you have going on in your head. You take chances from time to time that just don’t work out. Does that mean you should stop? No. It means that next time you’re perturbed or you’ve “failed” you need to figure out and understand what’s worth it and what’s not. As painful as it is to have your plans, objectives or goals upturned and scattered, it’s even more painful to give up and wallow in all that’s lost.

You’re allowed to move on

Leave that place with all it holds and begin again. Some places aren’t meant for you to dwell in so sometimes you just need what will you remind you – see this as that thing. So pick up the few relevant things and go.

You’re allowed to believe.

You don’t see it but you feel it but you feel like you not only see it but have it because you want it, you need it. Go for it even when it looks impossible. That’s believing.

You’re allowed to put all your eggs in one basket; to put them behind a bicycle unstrapped while taking the bumpiest route ever.

Again, you’re allowed to believe.
You’re allowed to put all your eggs in one basket; to put them behind a bicycle unstrapped while taking the bumpiest route ever.

You’re allowed to be bold.

There’s only less you can do if you aren’t bold. You need to be bold to believe. This will help you find yourself and find your way.

You’re allowed to be confused.

You don’t even need to understand how things begin to happen well for you. Some things are above and beyond especially when you believe.

You’re allowed to do all these things because you have no other option.

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And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. – Colossians 3:17

“Give thanks with a grateful heart, give thanks to the Holy one, give thanks…”

That was the first song that came up in church yesterday morning. As I heard the song, there was a rush of memories in my head. I was like what am I grateful for? How often do I even say I’m grateful? How do I show it?

I would say I’m grateful for everything. What about the terrible things?

It is written,

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV)

It makes so much sense.
Find some quiet time to pray and thank God, read Scripture out-loud (top of your voice kinda loud), get a heart check up and renew it with one that is filled with peace and joy!

You can also begin with a gratitude jar. Basically it’s a jar (or basket or container or can) that you fill with words, items, notes, thoughts, and scribbles about something that you are thankful or grateful for.


It’s like a piggy bank only that money’s not in it. You can put things in everyday or week or month.

It’s all ao  you remind yourself that you’re amazing and everyone is amazing. You end up smiling even when you didn’t want to and you see the greater good in this world.

Have a blessed week!

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Social media the anti social breeder


This is a repost of my old post (but secretly, it never gets old.)


Welcome to the world of social media:

Recognition and validation from total strangers is what it helps us find. Feeling satisfation, temporary sense of belonging but we do not mind. It’s vain and completely insane but yet we crave this selfish gain.

It’s all about us. Ourselves more than anyone else. Yet we have somehow convinced ourselves successfully that it’s more about them.

Who are we decieving? Who are we conscious of misleading? It doesn’t really matter now, it’s all about being heard more than anything else. These days we don’t write, this generation isn’t the type.

To get a word across you only need a screen and a keyboard to type.

No more love notes and short poems, it’s now false quotes and anecdotes. Delivering subs and publicizing privacy. People are happier celebrated by strangers who are only as selfish as as they are in rendering these praises.

And do so not for anyone but for their own interests too, as they recognize and acknowledge that you can be of the socially acceptable class that they believe to be elite and exalted.

Social media has become a reflection of who we are, a mirror of words, tweets, retweets, captions and pictures. Though some might argue that they merely project a persona that isn’t really theirs, conclusions can still be drawn and deductions made from these claims.

If the person you project isn’t the person you are, then the person you are, probably isn’t the person you want to be.

Social media has become a free therapist, friend to all and a great confidant to the majority. People are happier telling their problems to strangers who know and care less about them.

This enemy to Social interaction has been given the highest position of trust and friendship by the ones it has enslaved. We share our moments with the world by posts in forms of videos, pictures and phrases but these moments might just really be spent alone. People become depressed or suicidal but deceive themselves that they may not be because…social media is “great”.

These things make us more and more comfortable being apart, we feel like we don’t miss the need to be with people physically so we just stay separated for as long s there’s a connection…an internet connection.

People are more concerned now about internet data bundles than they are about evening strolls and the likes. The ones we call friends are the ones we constantly feel the need to impress, we don’t even know their real names but we feel obliged to always give them our best.

The world of “anti-social” social media is damaging communication and strengthening vague connections. Built on selfish interests and shallow requests. Retweets are not endorsements yet they look beyond the disagreement and on to the recognition that follows and so it’s of little importance if a little character is lost along the way just as long as all these strangers know my name.

It’s not that I want you to stop using social media or your smartphones. I just want you to find that balance too and make sure you’re alive enough to recognize that someone beside you is human and present in body, not through your phones.

Watch the video below:

You can also read another exciting post from my archives: Out of Hand


Any thoughts?

See you soon x

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A brand new day


So here’s the thing with mothers, they are everywhere. Literally.

They’re in your head, on your wall, on the shelf, in your food, in the clothes you wear etc etc etc

There’s always a bit or much of “mum” in about everything that exists on this planet.

Basically, we cannot survive without them. We wouldn’t even be birth without them (yes, I know the father’s have a role to play too but this isn’t even about them now.)

Mothers are like flowers. They bloom. They are like a brand new day. They are a sign of beauty and a symbol of grace.

Be a mother at every chance you get. There’s a path to happiness and fulfilment that lies within it.

Have a beautiful week!


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At 9 yesterday morning, I had to sit through a certain business class which was very boring, I must add. I’m not quite sure who to lay the blame on yet. The facilitator was a cute smallish woman who was so calm with a sprinkle of stern, the weather was dark and violent with a sprinkle of coziness through rain showers and I was sleepy with a sprinkle of lazy but you gotta learn. So truly, I don’t know who to blame. What do you think?

Perhaps, I should title this, “How to sit through a boring, compulsory class”.

  I sat on the second row with Aiseosa and Madonna. “Don’t sleep, don’t sleep”, I was just saying to myself. “Sleep”, a voice came before me. It was Bimpe. Imagine that. She was telling me to just put my head on the desk and sleep. Just. Imagine. That.

I was like, you know what, never mind. I just picked up my pen, how do I sit through this boring class? Oh, did I mention the class was for two hours? (100 minutes actually but two hours sets a better mood) so yes, two hours and that’s how it’ll be for the next 14 weeks.

I just picked up my pen as I was saying and I began scribbling a bunch of words. That’s how I arrived at how to sit through a boring, COMPULSORY class. I tried some and considered some others today, it’s nothing new but you need a reminder so you know you’re not the only one with boring classes pursuing you.


  • WALK OUT: This is the simplest thing to do. But you can’t. I mean, you can because it’s not like you’re under duress or something but when you have something counting against you E.g attendance. You rather not. Plus, it totally defeats the whole essence of sitting through the class – you’d b sitting out. It’s still an option though.


  • texting-1490691__340USE YOUR PHONE: Now this would solely depend on the kind of facilitator for the course or your level of sleekness. If you get caught, I don’t know what may happen in your school. If you get asked a question, you’re on your own. These facilitators (every single one, yes) are more annoyed when a student is distracted because of a phone.


  • boy-1986107__340USE YOUR LAPTOP: Not tab, they see tabs as phones. Laptops are generally more accepted than phones and I don’t know why. It’s like they don’t know that there’s something like tweetdeck, candy crush and whatschrome.


  • TALK WITH YOUR FRIEND: There are many ways to do this. You can chat on a book (offline chatting) or you can pass papers or you can just do midnight call voice. This one also requires some sleekness because if you’re caught na you ohhh.


  • IMAGINE: Don’t day dream. Imagine and make mental projections. Look round the class, find something amusing, look outside the window. You’ll always see something.


  • WRITE: You can just write anything and everything. Sometimes, I feel like that’s when some ideas and inspirations begin to flow. Don’t form over writing oh because some facilitators can come and poke nose or just pass some comments or even tell you to share what you’re seriously writing because it can seem way more than all the facilitator has said.


  • EAT: Always gear yourself. Pack your bag and load it well with mede-medes. See Bimpe now, right before me, she opened a bag of popcorn and finished it. Keep yourself awake by keeping your teeth busy.


adorable-1851196__340 SLEEP: You know what? Just give it all up. If all else fails, if you can’t win that battle, just sleep. Board the next flight to “I can’t be bothered ma/sir, take your teachings and go” and enjoy yourself.

I didn’t tell you to follow this word for word. You are legit on your own lol.


Happy sitting through boring lectures to come!

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Happiness is…


Happiness is that feeling you cannot describe but express.

Happiness is world poetry day! Happy world poetry day.

Where do I begin with poetry? I don’t. If I do, you may end up with a project paper. Poetry is the only form of literature that I truly adore.

I love such expressive words and connectivity.

In honour of today, I will share with you my all time favourite poets:

1. Francis Scott Key and Zelda Fitzgerald (You can refer to a post on my fave words from them in “In A State of Meraki“)

2. Rupi Kaur (You can refer to the post “In A State of Eunoia“)

3. Edward Estlin “E. E.” Cummings

4. Lang Leav

5. John Keats

6. William Wordsworth

7. Tolu Akinyemi

Believe me, they are all so amazing. I have not done any posts on them all but I will soon (including my own poetry), so  you can share in this beauty of words.

Now, yesterday was international day of happiness. I was totally up for posting but happily, all my posting went to Instagram. Now, I’m putting some here…

I love LastLemon and the fact that they can show almost everything that happiness is in illustrations. There’s almost nothing left out. Go across their platforms and you’d see what I’m talking about.

Happiness is reading all their works and knowing what I’m talking about.



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Dear Diary

I’m about to take you down a somewhat confusing recap illustrating how I got here now.

It took me a hectic (last week) Friday of learning how to use Adobe premier pro CS5, editing a short profile story and almost getting lost in Ajah later on that same evening, to a beautiful Saturday of burning my scalp because “texturizing”, to putting on makeup and going out to a wedding that lasted about the whole day, to a blur Sunday of waking up to itchy red eyes and a slightly itchy rashy face, to a lazy Monday of exfoliating to get these rashes away ASAP and sitting on the couch watching both TV and series and eating pancakes and baked beans, to a Tuesday of almost drowning in my clothes that I spent close to 7 hours folding and arranging (no, my wardrobe is not a boutique as one of my dear friends exclaimed), to a Wednesday of going to the market place and getting drained then returning home and freshening up and falling asleep sleeeeeep to today – the Thursday I’m posting this.

It took me all these event filled days to finally post this article. I won’t take you back in detail but mannn, a lot has happened. Okay, I’ll just take you a little back to last week.

I concluded my exams on Tuesday last week. Ay okay, freedom! Yeah, right. I had what I refer to as “post exams” – the kind of exams you do after the regular classroom exams. I had video journalism to wrap up on Thursday to be submitted Friday morning. I didn’t know how to use premier pro so I felt like I was running mad. TBT (truth be told not throwback Thursday but hey, both actually work in this case), I just never paid full attention in class when the facilitator was teaching the practical. I know, you’d be tempted to say that was my fault but really, let’s look at this thing again. What was I doing? Reading other blogs, checking Instagram, chatting or playing online games – you see, it’s more them than me. They captured me. Believe me.

But I thank God for His children, Madonna and Chidera, my course mates who showed me the way to go by opening my eyes on how to use the software in a matter of hours. Long story short, I was able to finish and export a befitting assignment.

NOTE: Children, learn from this. Listen in class. That one time you don’t listen, the topic for the day will come back at you like a boomerang with shaolin soccer effects.


So, that’s that about that and all that.


Now, this title has little to do with the whole post but as I was on my way to the marketplace yesterday, something struck me and it wasn’t lightning. I won’t talk about the economy and personal struggles. The main focus is the sun and its addition to all that’s already going on.

Lagosians are angry. They are very angry.

The sun is upon them like hats they did not buy. Its beams are so strong it poses war upon them.

I looked around and I asked, “Why is everyone so angry?” I noticed the lines on their foreheads knowing they are falling in unpleasant places. I could see that they seemed to carry the kind of stress that was transformed to anger. It’s hard to see them smile under the sun while in motion.

In their furrowed brows, gritted teeth, straight faces and banzai charge, I found my answer. So I realized the rays of the sun are too much to bear.

By Lagosians, I refer to everyone living or staying in Lagos at the moment and happens to walk around the streets of Lagos once once.

Okay, you have reached the end. I may share my buys at the market place with you sometime.

See you later! x

Sharon Ntan 19before97