That, my friend, is my blog’s url. It’s quite creative you know, oh I’m sorry, not everyone will get that. Before I begin, are you an english or literature student? Or do you at least have a bit of that background? Do you remember how our teachers can just walk in to class, give us a word like “Coin” and say to us “analyze” in lets say three sentences? Haha, you know.

For those who aren’t or weren’t, let’s assume we’re in a class. It’s career day and I was called to speak about my blog and blogging.

You:  Why did you go with a url such as 19Before97?

Me: Thank you. Hello everyone, 19Before97 can mean a lot of things but I’ll tell you only two.
First of all, we all know that if you take “before” out of 19 and 97 we have numbers. Numbers that represent a random year, a person’s birth year (like mine) or even someone’s age.

Second and last of all, we also know that in life no one is born 97 years old. It’s a process and each human being must first get to the age of 1 then that of 19 before we can begin our journey to the age of 97. So is every other thing in life, one step at a time.

Really though, that’s just the whole idea behind 19Before19. It’s about growth and development. Changes and differences in life and since my blog is supposed to be a lifestyle blog. I figured, what the heck.

You: Why is your title “A Moment Like This”?

Me: Everything we witness in life is a moment that’ll leave us good or bad memories. Each post is a moment, each post is for a moment, each post is of a moment, plus I also really like the song A moment like this by Kelly Clarkson. Amazing, heartwarming song. Precious.

You: What does your tagline mean and what language is that?

Me: Well, my tagline is German for “Once upon a time”. I particularly like German language along with Greek and Hebrew, oh how I’d love to learn how to speak one of them someday. I chose German, not the others because I also really like Marco Reus lol anyone can inspire a thing you do.
Once upon a time is just me telling you the story which are reflected through my posts.

You: Thank you. That’ll be all for now.

Are those all the questions you have for me now? I’m still here for whenever you have one.

Day 2 baby!!! We’re getting somewhere.



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