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This is a picture picture picture post. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY ON WEDNESDAY the 25th of January! AND I’M NOW 2-0…LD Quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald Why do birthdays last for only a day? Why does a day even last for only a day? There are certain things I’ll never understand. So, I have shredded the ‘teen’ suffix to my age and taken up the … Continue reading 20

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If his friends don’t know you – you DO NOT exist

So there’s this guy; he’s fine and sensitive and nice and strong and funny and handsome, you know, I could go on and on. He’s everything and the best part…he’s all mine. That’ what you’re telling everyone. Yeeeeaaaah, right! Exclusivity is everything. He’s not yours if he doesn’t say it – neither are you his. We’ve heard those stories where people say, “He never asked … Continue reading If his friends don’t know you – you DO NOT exist

March: A hint at what is beautiful?

Beautiful is the ‘thank you’ Wrapped with gratitude, Offered to peace prone people Who offer what is real-themselves To nurse with love and humility naplam as asphyxiated victims in our stained world veiling ambition with face of ambition. Beautiful is the moment when sunlit world fades away And with it mind made mirror While look inward drawn, sight insight led, and heart shuts out desire … Continue reading March: A hint at what is beautiful?

Where really is home?

I came to understand that homelessness is a state of mind that many of us have experienced, in fact, more often than we care to admit. In times of transition and struggle, during intervals of heartache, confusion, and disappointment, it is common for all of us to have feelings of dislocation, uprooting, and abandonment, the sense of being alone in the universe without a place to call one’s own… Continue reading Where really is home?

Cheers to February: A letter to you

To the broken hearted; I know sometimes your hearts just give way. To the bitter; I know sometimes you lose all our sweetness. To the crushed in spirit; I know sometimes things happen that burn you to the ground. To the worried; I know sometimes you think because that’s what life is made up of. To the hopeless; I know sometimes you cannot see the … Continue reading Cheers to February: A letter to you