Thank you for opening this site for as many times as you do. We’re growing faster than expected but I’m grateful…. and if you find that July treats you wrong, put it in its right senses. You have that much power. Yup!


So for every minute, on every day;
A flowery thought to bind you to happiness;
Spite of bosses, of the human nature;
Of facilitators, of the gloomy days;
Of all the unhealthy and over annoying things;
Made for us to get pissed off; yes, in spite of all…


I’m about to take you down a somewhat confusing recap illustrating how I got here now. It took me a hectic (last week) Friday of learning how to use Adobe premier pro CS5, editing a short profile story and almost getting lost in Ajah later on that same evening, to a beautiful Saturday of burning…

Broken to be Built again

If you lost someone (or something) and you’re not so sure how to deal with it, I want you to remember…its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness…


This is a picture picture picture post. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY ON WEDNESDAY the 25th of January! AND I’M NOW 2-0…LD Quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald Why do birthdays last for only a day? Why does a day even last for only a day? There are certain things I’ll never understand. So, I have shredded…

Currently: 8000

  Hello everyone, I’m excited. Not just because my birthday is on January 25th (which is in about 5 days) but also because it turns out that you all total 8000 – and you who just came for the first time are a plus. Thank you for stopping by every time you do. This means…